Perfect for high-energy dogs, especially Herding & hunting breeds.

Traditional herding and hunting breeds have a long genetic history of working from sun up to sun down, eating well, and then sleeping like a rock. Our busy society has thrown a wrench in the equation. Without an engaging outlet for this energy, anxiety and behavioral issues are unfortunately rather common.

All Day Adventures are designed to “work” our pack by introducing high-intensity cardio, coupled with training and socialization activities to stimulate their minds.

Put Your Mind at Ease

As pet parents, we all worry that our pups are not always getting the exercise and engagement they really need. Most of us know the feeling of coming home to an ecstatic pup and quickly becoming overwhelmed with their pent-up energy. 

Our goal at H&T is to not only alleviate that energy buildup, but to help you put your mind at ease because you know your best friend is out getting the engaging exercise that they need. You can work more freely knowing your pup is having a fun time with friends and learning new skills during their hourly training sessions. 

Imagine how different your after-work door greeting will be with a little help from us!


All day group excursions of 3+ hours at one of Austin’s many parks and greenbelts, interspersed with group training sessions and supervised socialization throughout.

1, 2, 3 and 5 day per week packages available. We walk as a group on leash and visit a different location every day!

Pick Up & Drop Off

Pick-up from home between 8:30am to 10am, and drop-off at home between 2:30pm to 4pm

Schedule & Pricing

All Day Adventures are available Monday - Friday.

1 Day/Week:

We choose the day


2 Days/Week:

Tuesday & Thursday


3 Days/Week:

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday


5 Days/Week:

Monday through Friday