In-Home Cat Sitting Service In Austin, Texas


Are you leaving town for a while?

If you have ever traveled before and had to leave your cat with a boarding service, you are probably all too aware of the fact that that wasn’t his or her favorite experience. Cats are a bit more particular than most dogs, after all.

Fortunately, you don’t have to send your little friend back there during your next trip. Our in-home cat sitting services allows your cat to remain in the home they love. One of our professional staff members will visit your home every day during your absence to provide fresh food, water, and litter box cleaning. Aside from providing your cat with the essentials, our in-home cat sitters will make sure to provide him or her with all of the love and attention (or solitude) they crave to keep them happy while they wait for you to come back.

Our professional Austin-area cat sitters also provide complimentary home sitting services! We will bring in your mail, water your plants, turn on alternating lights to give the appearance that someone is home during your leave, and handle additional tasks as well. Just let us know and we will get to work!


Austin Cat Sitting Rates

Standard Visit


The standard visit gives our Austin cat sitters just enough time to replenish food and water, clean out the litter box, and spend a little quality time with your kitty!

30-Minute Visit


This is for those extra social kitties! This option provides our standard Austin cat sitting service, plus plenty of time to play and shower your feline friend with love and affection.

60-Minute Visit


When traveling for an extended period, our cat-owning clients often choose 60-minute visits to ensure that their cat gets some extra love while they’re away!