Heads & Tails Dog Training - Austin, TX

Our resident trainer and dog-walker, Luke    (and his assistant, Charlie)

Our resident trainer and dog-walker, Luke

(and his assistant, Charlie)


In-Home Positive reinforcement training

Puppy Basics

For puppies under 6-Months

We cover all the basics you’ll need to successfully transition to puppy-life for your family and home.  We will teach you how to practice basic obedience commands, giving you and your pup a solid foundation on which other skills will be built upon. We will address common puppy issues and offer advice on crate training, potty training, biting, etc. 

Our goal is to set you up for the best possible start in your puppy's life.  Even the greatest pups have things they need to learn, and they are always easiest to correct when they are addressed early!  

Basic Obedience

For adult dogs and puppies over 6-Months

Our general obedience course begins with the 7 foundational skills: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, Bed/Kennel & Heel.  These commands are the bedrock that all other training skills are built.

Physical exercise is important, but mental workouts can be equally as important to maintain a happy and healthy dog.  Not only will you have more confidence and control of your dog, but with consistent practice, you will build a deeper and more trusting relationship over time. 

We will do a complete review of your dog's environment and recommend small changes that could help your dog in a big way.

Behavior Modification

For adult dogs exhibiting unwanted behavior

We use positive-reinforcement techniques to address minor behavioral issues. The most common are jumping, nipping/biting, ongoing potty-training issues, pulling on leash, and incessant barking. 

Given the dog has had more time to practice the problem behavior, it is likely that it will take a bit more training to resolve the issue.  Being completely transparent, we typically find that these cases need three to five (or more) private training sessions in order to show real progress. 

If your dog is exhibiting a high degree of separation anxiety or aggression, we’d be happy to put you in touch with a specialist who focuses solely on these specific types of behavioral issues.